Why I Provide Free Consultations

I provide free consultations and I schedule 90 minutes for each.  Some go longer, others shorter.  My philosophy of the free consultation is that calling the bankruptcy attorney is one of the most difficult phone calls to make, and then showing up for the appointment is the next difficult thing.  I believe it’s difficult because there is much anxiety and fear of the unknown – and for many folks bankruptcy is the unknown.  Thus I try ease that anxiety by giving prospective clients free access to information about bankruptcy and how it may improve or hinder his or her situation.  I schedule my initial consultations for 90 minutes so I can learn from the prospective client what I need to learn in order so the prospective client can learn what he/she needs to learn about bankruptcy.  No matter how typical, each case is unique to each client.  Some times the prospective client does not come back and that’s okay!  I feel that at least I imparted some information about bankruptcy on another citizen; and the more I do that, the less “unknown” bankruptcy becomes not just to the prospective client, but those with whom he/she speaks and mingles.

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