National Data Center (Chapter 13 Case Information)

The National Data Center is a non-profit outfit that assists  Debtors, Debtors attorneys, Creditors and Creditors attorneys by providing up to date information regarding the particular chapter 13 case in which the Debtor, Creditor, or attorney may involved.

This is a great service for both Debtors and their attorneys alike.  The process is rather simple and after 4 easy steps, a debtor has a plethora of information available to him at his fingertips.

Step 1:  Enter Your Case Information.  When signing up with the, the Debtor will need his case information on hand.  The 341 Notice of Meeting of Creditors is really all that is needed as it contains the Debtor’s name, case number, trustee, and Trustee State.

Step 2: Security Questions.  All the Debtor needs to do here is answer a couple questions like, what is his mailing address? From a list provided, select a creditor of the debtor.  Rather simple if you ask me.

Step 3: Create an account.  This requires the creation of a username and password and the entry of an email address.

Step 4: Terms and Conditions.  In order to use this service the Debtor must accept NDC’s terms and conditions.

And by completing these simple steps, the debtor will have at his fingertips information like:

– payments received by the Trustee

– disbursements made by the Trustee

– amounts paid to particular a creditor

– funds the Trustee has on hand

– claims filed by creditors

….and much more.  Check it out for yourself.

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